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For a line break, you must end the previous line with two spaces. When pasting a chunk of code, wrap it in four tildes ~~~~ ~~~~ code goes here ~~~~ To quote, start it with a right arrow > >Here's a quote To do unordered lists, just start the line with a [space] [hyphen] [space] … Continue reading

PCI-DSS SAQ & Responsibility Matrix

Table of ContentsPhysical Architecture SAQ AnswersPCI Compliance is a merchants responsibility. Some questions within your SAQ relate to infrastructure/server configuration, for which you can find the scope and appropriate answer below. Physical Architecture SAQ Answers Section Scope Response Condition 1.1.1 - 1.5 Sonassi Yes           2.1(a) - 2.1(c) Sonassi Yes   … Continue reading

Creating a HTTP Archive

Table of ContentsCreating a HTTP Archive On ChromeIn order to help diagnose an issue you are experiencing, we need to be able to replicate it - but if the issue is localised to your computer/office/country - it isn't always possible for us to do so. However, what can help support your symptoms is providing a … Continue reading

Editing HOSTS File

Table of ContentsWindows 7, 8, 10 Windows Vista Windows NT/2000/XP Linux Mac OS X 10.0 - 10.1.5 Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.1.8Editing your computer's HOSTS file will allow you to test your domain against a different server to what the live DNS would normally use. This is commonly used for testing a site prior … Continue reading

Remote backup

Remote backups operate as an extension of your server's local backups. When your local backups have completed running, the remote backup server will clone your local backups. Your remote backup storage is kept for the same period of time as your local storage, and as such, the amount of space required for remote backups must … Continue reading

Offsite/long-term log storage

We provide a service for long term long storage, stored remotely from your server. This may be a necessity for your PCI compliance regulations (it is common to have to store at least 90 days log files for auditing). This service is sold as a capacity (eg. 50GB) rather than duration, as the size of … Continue reading

Identifying current document root disk space

So that we can quote accurately, its important that we know how much disk space you are currently consuming for your Magento store's document root. Fortunately, you can quickly find out and serve us the information we need by running the following command. Replace /path/to/magento/installation as necessary cd /path/to/magento/installation du -hsL . \ --exclude="var/log" \ … Continue reading

Required information for SSL Certificates

Table of ContentsStandard Certificates Verification emailStandard Certificates We require the following information if you wish for us to generate a CSR and provide an SSL certificate. Here is an example for, countryName_default="GB" stateOrProvinceName_default="Lancashire" localityName_default="Manchester" organizationName_default="Example Ltd" emailAddress_default="" organizationalUnitName_default="Online" commonName_default="" subjectAltName_default="" In addition, we need some basic information from the technical contact/administrator, this information … Continue reading

Single versus redundant servers

When deploying a solution, there is always the option of choosing between a single "large" server, or two "smaller" servers. The single "large" server usually works out a little more expensive (because of the hardware density and technology) - but there also some positives in doing this. We cannot decide which is best suited for … Continue reading