Reasons to love Sonassi
You can find hosting anywhere, but you'll only get MageStack from Sonassi

No other eCommerce host can claim this

  • We formed in 2008, when Magento launched. We've worked with it over 9 years
  • We spent 7 years building high performance, large scale ecommerce stores
  • We built MageStack, an entire operating system engineered for eCommerce
  • In 2017, we expanded our platform to include OroCommerce
  • We build, test and own all our infrastructure

Exceptional Support

We have solely worked with Magento since 2008, specialising in hosting only stores longer than any other company in the world. Sonassi is highly regarded for our technical knowledge, which is unparalleled worldwide. Our staff are all veteran developers with a huge wealth of experience with complex, high traffic and high value stores. Our knowledge means that you no longer will endure the frustration of your solution providers blaming each other without a resolution; we can find and fix any problems, whether it is server related or your store itself.

Uncompromising Speciality

We don't host anything other than eCommerce - everything we offer is wholly catered and dedicated to eCommerce, without compromise. All our solutions run MageStack, an operating system engineered wholly and specifically just for eCommerce. But it doesn't just stop there, in addition our network, our hardware selection, our support and every other facet of our business is wholly specialised in providing eCommerce hosting. No other hosting provider can offer the expertise and experience we have for eCommerce.

We are the fastest eCommerce host

Whilst many other hosts will claim to be eCommerce optimised, there is a big difference in making claims and being able to prove them. We consistently provide the fastest eCommerce hosting on all of our services on our industry leading eCommerce platform. But don't take our word for it, get in touch and we'll provide a free demo.

All our customers would recommend us

Since 2008, with almost 10 years of only hosting only eCommerce stores; we have nothing other than positive customer feedback - which is a testament to our excellent customer service. We do not over subscribe our services and we know what our limits are in terms of how many customers we can support - so that we can guarantee a great level of service for our customers.

24/7/365 Support

Night or day, Christmas or New Year - we'll respond to your support requests and often beat our SLA. At any given time, we have an experienced team who can assist with any eCommerce enquiry. So whether its hardware failure or application error, regardless of the time of day, we are just a support ticket away.

There's no salespeople here

We won't pitch to you (or at least, not intentionally). When you call our team you'll be speaking to an experienced developer; one of the people who built, racked or even configured your server. So rest assured that your requests will always be understood and nothing will ever be lost in communication.

We only use enterprise infrastructure

Our entire server product range consists of enterprise Supermicro servers with hand-picked components all verified by Supermicro. They are stress tested for a minimum of 2 weeks before being put into production so that we can guarantee years of uptime without incident or fault.

All we host is eCommerce stores - so we know what impact any downtime can have on your business. Which is why we chose the best data centres in the UK to underpin our service.

No single point of failure

We maintain a 99.95% uptime SLA and we can do this by providing an entirely redundant architecture. All our servers are connected to 2 independent power feeds and 2 independent switches as standard. We have no single point of failure within our architecture - which means we can suffer a component failure and it won't affect your service.

We're here to stay

As a profitable, privately owned company, with no liabilities, full ownership of all assets, continued reinvestment and controlled growth year on year - Sonassi is here to stay.