Remote backup

Remote backups operate as an extension of your server's local backups. When your local backups have completed running, the remote backup server will clone your local backups.

Your remote backup storage is kept for the same period of time as your local storage, and as such, the amount of space required for remote backups must match that of your backup partition.

Backup Partition Size Local Disk Configuration Remote Backup Requirement
33GB 2x 100GB 50GB
78GB 2x 200GB 100GB
101GB 2x 250GB 150GB
170GB 2x 400GB 200GB
215GB 2x 500GB 250GB
351GB 2x 800GB 400GB
442GB 2x 1000GB 450GB
100GB 4x 100GB 100GB
200GB 4x 200GB 200GB
250GB 4x 250GB 250GB
400GB 4x 400GB 400GB
500GB 4x 500GB 500GB
800GB 4x 800GB 800GB
1000GB 4x 1000GB 1000GB
200GB 4x 100GB + 2x 250GB 200GB
400GB 4x 200GB + 2x 500GB 400GB
500GB 4x 250GB + 2x 500GB 500GB
800GB 4x 400GB + 2x 1000GB 800GB
1000GB 4x 500GB + 2x 1000GB 1000GB
1600GB 4x 800GB + 2x 4000GB 1600GB
2000GB 4x 1000GB + 2x 4000GB 2000GB

! Remote backups are not held for any period longer than your local backups