Healthy Disk Utilisation

Table of ContentsViewing utilisationPlease ensure you pay attention to your disk utilisation, Over 50% utilisation risks performance degradation Over 80% utilisation risks downtime Over 90% utilisation risk data loss It is important to ensure you are not exceeding these thresholds for disk utilisation for peak performance and reliability. If you are exceeding these thresholds you … Continue reading

Observing Cron Status

Table of ContentsEnabling cron visualisation Viewing cron activityPlease note that the script and Aoe_Scheduler module can only be used with Magento 1 stores. For Magento 2 stores, there are other alternative modules such as magento2-CronjobManager. On a standard Magento store, it can be hard to determine if the Magento cron is running as it … Continue reading

Cache Management

Table of ContentsMode Production stores Development/Staging stores Warning on cache management Admin notices 3rd party cache modulesIn Magento caches exist to reduce hardware utilisation for frequently requested content. The admin is never cached The frontend utilises many different caches The caches used on the frontend vary depending on the content being displayed and the lifetime … Continue reading

Index Management

Table of ContentsMode Production stores Magento 1 only Development/Staging stores Warning on manual reindexing Admin notices 3rd party indexing modulesIn Magento there is a complex relationship between the data stored in the admin and what is presented on the frontend. In the admin, you see non-indexed data, it is always up to date On the … Continue reading

Controlling Store Logging

Table of ContentsVia MageRunLog into your Magento admin as normal, then go to, System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer Then configure the settings as follows, Via MageRun Using MageRun, use the following command (adjust mr_examplecom as necessary), mr_examplecom dev:log --off

Controlling Customer Logging

Table of ContentsDisable customer logging Rotating customer logs Enable Cron Enable log cleaningIt isn't always necessary to use the native customer logging feature of Magento if you are already using more powerful third party analytics. The majority of stores can actually benefit from entirely disabling this feature, yielding more consistent MySQL performance and disk utilisation. … Continue reading