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Observing Cron Status

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On a standard Magento store, it can be hard to determine if the Magento cron is running as it should, even when the cron is properly configured. For this reason we recommend using Aoe_Scheduler, specifically version 0.5.2.

Enabling cron visualisation

We recommend using Aoe_Scheduler to provide the functionality. It is extremely straightforward to install with the native MageStack module installer,

Eg. To install on

cd /microcloud/domains/example/domains/
/microcloud/scripts_ro/ Aoe_Scheduler

The installer will automatically refresh the configuration cache using MageRun.

Viewing cron activity

Once the module is installed and has been running for greater than 1 hour, you'll have visible statistics in the Magento admin. You can view the cron activity by visiting Admin > System > Scheduler > Timeline View.