Controlling Customer Logging

It isn't always necessary to use the native customer logging feature of Magento if you are already using more powerful third party analytics. The majority of stores can actually benefit from entirely disabling this feature, yielding more consistent MySQL performance and disk utilisation.

Disable customer logging

We recommend using Yireo_DisableLog to disable the functionality. It is extremely straightforward to install with the native MageStack module installer,

Eg. To install on

cd /microcloud/domains/example/domains/
/microcloud/scripts_ro/ Yireo_DisableLog

The installer will automatically refresh the configuration cache using MageRun.

Rotating customer logs

If you do not want to disable logging completely, but merely want to rotate it on a more regular basis, then using the Magento built-in feature for clean-up is best.

There are two elements required for this to function,

  1. Magento cron must be running
  2. Log cleaning must be enabled

Enable Cron

To enable the Magento cron, following the instructions here.

Enable log cleaning

Log into your Magento admin as normal, then go to,

System > Configuration > Advanced > System

Then configure the settings as follows,

Magento Log Cleaning