Changing Billing Information

You can update your billing contact details using your account in the support portal. Log in and select the 'billing' tab at the top of the support portal page, Select the 'Edit Billing Details' tab, Enter your new billing information and save changes.

What support is chargeable

Table of ContentsWhat support is inclusive (free) What support is chargeable What the client is responsible forWhen hosting your store, there are different tasks that can be performed. Some are purely server management, others are carrying out tasks on your behalf and others are purely development; here is a brief explanation of what is and … Continue reading

Invoice cycles and billing dates

Whenever an invoice is raised for your hosting, it will contain two dates, a due date and cycle date. We do not pro-rate invoices, as they are not for any specific month, but for the 28-31 day period from which the invoice date refers to. Type Location Purpose Due date Upper right corner, below the … Continue reading

Do I Need To Pay VAT?

Table of ContentsUK EU Rest of WorldYou may need to pay VAT, it depends on your location and VAT registration status. UK VAT is applicable to all pricing, regardless of VAT registration status. EU VAT Registered - must supply a valid VAT registration number. VAT is not applicable for VAT registered businesses in the EU … Continue reading

Monthly versus Annual billing

There is a cost saving when paying annually versus monthly. If you choose to pay monthly You will pay the full service fee every month without a cost saving. For dedicated hosting, a set-up fee will also apply. If you choose to pay annually You will receive the equivalent of 1 month (1/12) discount on … Continue reading

Downloading/viewing invoices

You can view and download all your existing, paid and outstanding, invoices on your account by logging into