Invoice cycles and billing dates

Whenever an invoice is raised for your hosting, it will contain two dates, a due date and cycle date.

We do not pro-rate invoices, as they are not for any specific month, but for the 28-31 day period from which the invoice date refers to.

Type Location Purpose
Due date Upper right corner, below the invoice reference number This is date on which payment is expected to have been received by. If you are making international payments, or your bank does not support faster payments, you should ensure payment is made at least 3-7 days prior to this date to prevent the invoice being overdue.
Cycle date In the first line item, commonly below the server specification This is the month in which the invoice was raised and denotes the calendar month (28-31 day period) from which the invoice covers. For example, if your cycle date says "May" and the due date is "18/05", then the invoice is for 18th May until 18th June