What support is chargeable

When hosting your store, there are different tasks that can be performed. Some are purely server management, others are carrying out tasks on your behalf and others are purely development; here is a brief explanation of what is and what is not chargeable.

You can also download a copy of our Managed Hosting - Statement of Work, which explains in detail about the extent to the level of support included.

In addition, our Support Levels define the difference between different levels of managed support.

What support is inclusive (free)

  • Hardware replacement
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Infrastructure environment (power, cooling, security)
  • Environment monitoring
  • MageStack OS Configuration (security updates and patches only)
  • Application management (automated service monitoring, automated service restarts)
  • Virtual host addition
  • VPN bundle creation
  • SOLR core creation
  • Sphinx core creation
  • SSL certificate installation
  • IP Address assignment (excluding cost of IP itself)
  • Local backup creation (in accordance with the backup policy)
  • Magento store installation (free store installation on first account set up)
  • Offsite backup restoration (copying files to local backup only)
  • Site migration (first site migration on account set up, copying files and DB only)

What support is chargeable

Any tasks not identified as being inclusive (free), are deemed chargeable and will be billed by-the-minute as per our standard hourly fees for in office hours support, and emergency rates for out of hours support.

If you are a customer with Enhanced or Intensive support - all of the tasks below are included within your monthly management time allowance; should they exceed this, they will be chargeable.

Some examples of the types of requests which are chargeable are:

  • Firewall management
  • Backup restoration
  • Editing/adding cron tasks
  • DNS editing
  • FTP Account creation
  • Application level configuration for your store (eg. Ngnix rewrites, Varnish rule adjustments)
  • Creating site clones/copies*
  • Professional services (design, development or consultation) *
  • Code diagnosis and fault resolution*
  • Store side configuration for server applications (eg. Nginx, Varnish, SOLR, Sphinx etc.)*

* Intensive support inclusive time only; other support levels follow standard charging structure.

What the client is responsible for

Control Panel Configuration We will charge whenever it is possible for a client to be able to complete a task themselves. Wherever possible, we will always refer the client to our FAQs, Guides and Glossary to allow them to make changes themselves.

Backups Whilst we provide a backup service, the client is ultimately responsible for their data. We always recommend creating both database and file backups prior to making any changes.

FTP / SSH / Email clients We only provide the server-side service, it is the clients responsibility to correctly set up and configure their respective clients/software. Where possible, we will document "how to" guides to assist.

Magento The day-to-day running and operation of a clients Magento store is wholly their responsibility. Sonassi only provides hosting for the application, any assistance above and beyond this is classed as chargeable support.

If you suspect a server-side fault causing your issue, you must first conduct the necessary due diligence to rule out your application/configuration/code being at fault. If we investigate the issue following a support request and identify the issue is caused by your application/configuration/code (ie. not a server-side issue), then the time spent on such will be chargeable.