Recapture potential lost sales with targeted emails

Sonassi will hold your hand all the way through peak - and we will support you in the full capacity that we can. However, I can be honest and say that what we can't help you do is re-capture lost sales from customers who didn't quite complete their purchase.

Preparing for peak isn't always just about the traffic that's on your website - its also about making sure that every visitor that comes to your store converts to a sale. This is where targeted emails come into play. Sales and marketing isn't Sonassi's world - its not in our company ethics - so I've engaged a friend to help out, Kalen Jordan, founder of MageMail.

Perhaps you are wondering, why is this featured on Sonassi's blog?

  • Are we affiliated with MageMail - no.
  • Are we being compensated for this - no.

The truth is that I simply want to help promote a small, growing business (after all, Sonassi was one at one time) - and I want to continue the Sonassi ethos of delivering expertise, but beyond just hosting. I'm no expert in email marketing - but Kalen is, so over to him ...

I'm Kalen Jordan, founder of MageMail

My name is Kalen and I want to talk a little about the holiday season. We're all preparing for peak traffic levels, and getting our ducks in a row in order to capture as much revenue as possible.

You are beefing up your stack, fine tuning your product mix, putting together holiday banners, writing and preparing holiday-themed email blasts, ramping up ad campaigns, and scaling up your customer support team. Good job! You must be exhausted!

But don't relax just yet - I'm going to add one other thing to your to-do list.

Triggered email


Even after everything you've done, you're going to have at least 60% to 70% of those hard-earned customer sessions abandoning the cart. If you're not re-capturing some of that revenue with an abandoned cart series, you're missing out on a huge opportunity.

How about wishlists?

A bunch of those customers are going to put items on their wishlist for themselves or their loved ones, and then promptly proceed to forget about them entirely. Hit them back with a wishlist reminder email!

What about your order confirmation email?

Are you still using the standard Magento order confirmation email? If so, it might be a little bit rough on the eyes, and you're also missing opportunities for up-sells, and repeat purchases.

What about post-purchase considerations?

You're getting a nice spike in sales this holiday season which is fantastic, but let's also maximize the lifetime value of all of these hard-earned customers.

Send a post-purchase sequence, including thank you emails, review requests, referral emails, recommendation emails, winbacks, birthday and anniversary emails, and more.

Review requests - not only will review requests actually drive sales (somewhat surprisingly), but they will obviously build key content on your website that will help from an SEO perspective and also just simply help your customers make more informed decisions going forward.

Recommendation emails - again a great opportunity to maximize your lifetime value for the new customers you're picking up this holiday season - hit them with recommendation emails a month or so after their purchase in the new year.


Now here's the good news

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this homework I'm giving you. But what if I told you that we could get all of this up and running for you within a day or two? And you're not going to need to get a developer involved, a designer, and you're not going to need to take out the big marketing guns either - a ton of marketing best practices are all baked into the product.

So, what are you waiting for? Finish preparing for peak by getting started with MageMail today!

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