Managed Magento hosting that scales
High performance. Expert support
from £238 per month
  • Support
    Emergency server and code support, 24 hours a day
  • Expertise
    Over 7 years solely specialising in Magento
  • Agency Friendly
    Agency Friendly
    We love retailers and development agencies
  • Code Support
    Code Support
    Beyond just servers we know Magento inside out
  • Global Presence
    Global Presence
    Low latency UK, US and Asia Pacific hosting

Purpose Built Magento hosting

Performance and reliability of dedicated, elasticity of cloud
  • Fast
    100% of stores migrated to Sonassi have significantly improved in speed. Better performance means more sales & revenue
  • Secure
    Extensive firewalling, DOS filtering, two factor auth. & intrusion prevention ensure your brand and customers are protected
  • Reliable
    Resilience is core to our service; from power, to connectivity, to native highly available server configuration
  • Expandable
    Originally built to endure extremely large scale campaigns; you'll never outgrow MageStack's massive capability

Real hardware by real people

Owned and controlled by Sonassi, loved by customers

  • a
    Agency - Allies
    "Hosting with Sonassi just works, reiterated by the fact that every time we have migrated a customer to Sonassi, they have called to thank me for the recommendation."
  • r
    Retailer - Axminster
    "Sonassi is the perfect fit for our Magento store, lightning quick performance and superior uptime supported by a fantastic team. We've never looked back and hope to continue our excellent working relationship for years to come, can't recommend them enough. If you're looking for great partner to host your store - look no further!"