Honest, ethical and transparent
  • Solutions first. Sales second

    Our business is about problem solving; whether its making stores faster or making them more revenue - and we have a belief that it shouldn't always mean spending more money to achieve it.

    If you face an issue, we won't simply sell you more hardware; we'll analyse the issue, identify the problem and provide a solution.

  • List prices are final prices

    We aren't salesmen and we don't try to be. There's no special deals, special offers or preferential pricing.

    For consistency, predictability and to be fair to all customers, we maintain public list prices and solely quote from those.

    Rest assured that the price you are quoted is always our best price.

  • Built not bought

    To deliver the best possible support, we need to fully understand every aspect of our offering and we can only do that if we engineered it ourselves.

    We built our network, we built our servers and we built MageStack, the operating system that runs them. Knowledge has been earned through real experience, not bought.

  • Network transparency

    Despite tight SLA's and a fully redundant architecture, outages occur with every hosting provider; but unlike others, we have fully disclosed every single outage since 2011.

    Our status site provides over 5 years of network incidents and post-mortems.

  • We take responsibility

    If you encounter an issue and we determine it is our fault, we'll acknowledge it and hold ourselves accountable.

    We don't leave support tickets unanswered or with an ambiguous generic cause, we will identify the cause and outline it in detail, even if it means showing we are at fault.