19 May

Magento EOL: Am I able to retain PCI Compliance on Magento 1?

With Magento’s end of life (EOL) fast approaching we’ve had some clients raise the question – ‘Are we still PCI compliant after June?’. PCI compliance can be very ambiguous with the PCI Council rarely commenting on specifics. This has led some actors to jump in and claim that they’ll look after clients wanting to stay … Continue reading

30 Jan

Magento MySQL Replication

We've got a fairly vast experience of MySQL clusters - and Percona have worked with us on a number of occasions when pushing the boundaries of complex configurations. Can Magento natively handle read-only slaves Magento is natively capable of splitting off reads/writes to different database servers (with the exception of a few broken releases, eg. … Continue reading

12 Jul

Why Siege isn't an accurate test tool for Magento performance

We're getting pretty concerned at Sonassi HQ with the growing confusion surrounding transactions per second (TPS), requests per second (RPS) and concurrency by the community as a whole. Shamefully, I fear that we are guilty for bucking this trend. We created a monster, now its time to put it down 3 years ago, when we … Continue reading