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  • We want to deploy Solr on our store
    Typical hosting providers ...
    Which version of SOLR would you like
    Sonassi ...
    • No problem, I've looked at your store and recognise the extension you are using, we recommend SOLR 3 for this module.
    • I've gone ahead and enabled SOLR for both your LIVE site and another core for your STAGING site using native MageStack functionality.
    • Would you like me to configure the store settings too and test its all working?
    Search improved, bounce down 25%, sales up 25%
  • There is an error with our store search
    Typical hosting providers ...
    This doesn't appear to be a server issue, you will need to contact your developers for store help
    Sonassi ...
    • The frontend catalogue data is driven from the contents of the indexes. If they are empty, the results are empty. When you have results, then refresh, and have no results, it would indicate that a reindex is taking place.
    • Looking at the database server - I can see that the web node is repeatedly running a reindex. I've traced it back to an API call.
    • Would you like me to restrict the API from initiating a reindex until you can investigate your side?
    Larger issue identified and fixed from innocent symptom. 0% Revenue loss
  • Our site feels slower than usual, can you see why?
    Typical hosting providers ...
    You can speed up Magento with a full page cache
    Sonassi ...
    • I've run a test and can confirm its performing below the specifications for MageStack.
    • To track the issue, I have created a dashboard on Kibana outlining the page load times of the problem areas on your store. You can see from the graphs on the dashboard what is contributing to this.
    • After reviewing the PHP daily change logs, I can see you have installed a new module - this module is known to cause performance slowdowns - would you like me to disable it?
    Core issue fixed, not masked with cache extension. Sitewide performance up 100%