Reliable Enterprise Infrastructure
Deployed across the UK and extended across the world
  • Top Tier
    Top Tier
    High bandwidth, low-latency connectivity
  • 5 Locations
    5 Locations
    Across Europe, US and APAC
  • Four
    Independent transit providers
  • High Capacity
    High Capacity
    Core network backbone
  • Class leading
    Class leading
    Data Centres

High performance reliable global Network

Our reliable, multi-providernetwork combines a total of four global providers.

This provides optimum, ultra low-latency routes throughout the UK, Europe and the World - whilst providing a redundant core network maintaining 100% uptime.

With a large network capacity - we can maintain continuity of service even in the most extreme of traffic conditions.

International Points of Presence

Beyond the boundaries of the UK, where our primary equipment and network is maintained, MageStack extends into many other regions via MageStack Edge. Including London, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and Singapore.

The addition of these points of presence will provide ultra-low latency, high performance Magento dedicated hosting within reach of any worldwide organisation.

Class leading data centres

  • Site Specifications
    • 24/7/365 manned security
    • Biometric / proximity security
    • Fire Detection & Suppression
    • Redundant Air Conditioning & Cooling
    • Independent mains electrical supplies
    • UPS backed power
    • Generator backed power
    • Diverse fibre building entry points
  • Facilities
    • Joule House, ManchesterOur flagship facility, with huge capacity and superb network connectivity.
    • Reynolds House, ManchesterOur disaster recovery facility, with diverse connectivity back multiple Manchester data centres