Announcing MageStack GUI

MageStack is a truly powerful platform; providing native load balancing, high availability, massive horizontal and vertical scaling. But despite this, something it has been lacking is a simplified, single interface to managing all that power. The orchestration tooling behind the scenes does wondrous things - but for you as a customer; you have historically only had access to that via support ticket, not directly.

But, our customers have spoken and we have listened.

Announcing MageStack GUI

You may have noticed the new "Stacks" menu in your account on - which has been gradually benefiting from enhancements, adding in bandwidth utilisation statistics, stack listings (the underlying stack members), stack reports, auto-scaling and now stack administration.

Digging deeper into a stack, there's a new menu to start to expose some of the orchestration tooling direct to you as a customer that previously only our support team had access to.

From here you'll be able to configure many aspects of your stack and become largely autonomous with anything that you need. But don't worry, our fully managed support is still here to help whenever you need it.

There'll be a whole range of things within your control from changing PHP versions for domain-groups, the addition/removal of domain-groups, management of SSL certificates and much more.

Taking MageStack to a truly devops oriented platform

The addition of the GUI is just one step towards engineering MageStack to really be a devops-first platform; to give you autonomy, reduce the time to deploy and make stack management that bit more transparent and that bit easier.

Features like high availability, horizontal load balancer scaling, horizontal web and database scaling all exist - we're merely never exposed the tooling that allows you to take full advantage of that power. But soon you will have it. MageStack is the platform of choice for container-driven, massively scalable hosting for production and development environments.

Enough already, I'm sold, when can I start using it?

Currently the GUI is in closed BETA with a number of customers, then once we have a high level of confidence that customers are able to interact with the orchestration platform with ease. We're expecting it to launch within the next 4 weeks.

We're investing very heavily in customer experience and the projects recently undertaken (image optimiser, CDN, GUI) were all driven by customer demand, but we're going to take it one step further, we will be opening our development feature wishlist on Trello so you can vote and directly steer us on what matters to you the most.