Whitelisting IP on the WAF

Table of ContentsWAF Management Addition RemovalAt the moment, it's only possible to whitelist IPs via the control panel. Please get in touch with us via our support portal for more complex requirements (user agent, URI etc.) WAF Management Addition Log … Continue reading

Creating a Port Forward

Table of ContentsPort Forward Management Creating a new port forward Removing a port forwardAt the moment, it is only possible to create a port forward for SSH/SCP/SFTP via the control panel. Please get in touch with us via our support … Continue reading

Magento 1 End of Life? Not any time soon!

Table of ContentsMagento Imagine announces Magento 2 How important are Magento security updates? Running a Magento 1 store past November 2018 Enough enough. What does this mean for Magento 1 Further readingWe've been fielding many phone calls from merchants and … Continue reading

Upgrading Magento

Table of ContentsPrepare the upgrade Launch the upgrade Upgrade to Magento 1.4.2 Upgrade from Magento >1.4.2 to latest Running the upgrade Final notes Restoring your backupThis quick guide will you upgrade to the latest version of Magento 1. Whilst these … Continue reading

How to fix PaymentSense's gateway "orderStatus" error

We recently integrated the PaymentSense's gateway for one of our customers. While making some test transactions, we noticed the extension raised a basic PHP error on the callback: Undefined variable: orderState in /http/app/code/local/Paymentsense/Paymentsensegateway/controllers/PaymentController.php on line 812 Hopefully, this error will … Continue reading