dDos Mitigation Active

Sorry We've detected too many requests coming from your IP address and as a result you have been temporarily blocked until your traffic subsides. Please try again within the next few minutes. If you believe you have received this message … Continue reading

Page Load Timeout

Sorry We've been unable to load the page you requested in a timely manner; this may be because the server might be a little busy, or your request is taking longer to load than permitted. Please try again within the … Continue reading

Firewall access rules

MageStack has an exhaustive 3-tier firewall policy that provides superb security and protection for your stack and store. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to bypass some of these security measures for trusted hosts. There are two ways … Continue reading

Request Tagging and categorisation

Web requests that come in to the load balancer are classified into two different categories based on the URI. Following categorisation, requests are then tagged to denote the area in which they belong. All requests will be first categorised, then … Continue reading

Implementing Varnish

Is Varnish right for you? Varnish isn’t the be-all and end-all of Magento performance. Its great to offset load from bots & window-shoppers – but it shouldn’t be your first port of call to actually making your store faster. Implementing … Continue reading

Optimal PageSpeed Configuration

We know there can be some confusion in the most optimal settings for a store running Pagespeed, below you'll find configurations (continually updated) to reflect the most optimal configuration. Dynamic Content In ___general/example.com.conf, be sure to replace, lb1.i example.com # … Continue reading

DOS filter rules

The denial of service filter works on a basic premise of two rules Dynamic requests Static requests MageStack classifies the type of request using a few rules; based on file extension, URI and URL. The rule is applied before fetching … Continue reading

Debugging with response headers

MageStack sets a number of different response headers to help you identify how a request is being treated. Those marked with a ¹ are only shown when debug mode is enabled Those marked with a ² are only shown when … Continue reading

504 Gateway Timeout

This is caused by the load balancer being unable to obtain a request from a web server in a reasonable amount of time. MageStack will interpret requests destined for the back-end (admin) or the front-end (customer) based on the MageStack-Area … Continue reading