Purging the Redis cache via CLI

Table of ContentsDefault instances To flush all databases To flush a single databaseUsing telnet, you can execute remote commands on the Redis daemon; being able to flush database by command line can be essential if your Magento access is somehow … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Varnish/HAProxy/Nginx

Table of ContentsTesting Nginx Testing HAProxy Testing VarnishGiven there are 3 reverse proxies, if one is causing an issue, finding the cause can sometimes be difficult. Testing Nginx This can be tested by overwriting the IP address for the domain … Continue reading

Redis instances

Table of ContentsIdentifying Redis DBs in useBy default, 4 instances of Redis run, to provide resilience and alternative storage methods. They are not set up to be highly available/replicated. They each are configured with 16 databases and no authentication. Host: … Continue reading

Memcache instances

By default, 2 instances of Memcache run, to provide independence between cache and session storage. Domain: memcached1.i Port: 11211 Domain: memcached11.i Port: 11211

Varnish cache

Varnish cache is disabled by default for all content. You can enable Varnish on your domain by adding the following parameter to the top of your ___general/example.com.conf (or example.com.location.semi-static.conf, example.com.location.static.conf as applicable). Caching works on the premise of cache everything … Continue reading

Loadbalancer Administration with HAProxy

You can view active sessions to all web nodes, status and health of web nodes and distribution of load. You can access it via the following URL: http://haproxy.magestack.com ! You must be connected to the VPN to use this service

Hostnames and DNS

We have many universal DNS shortcut records set up for access, they are as follows: dh1 acc.magestack.com munin.magestack.com phpmyadmin.magestack.com mmonit.magestack.com dh2 acc.2.magestack.com munin.2.magestack.com phpmyadmin.2.magestack.com mmonit.2.magestack.com dh3 acc.3.magestack.com munin.3.magestack.com phpmyadmin.3.magestack.com … Continue reading