You have 8 seconds - spend them wisely

Just 8 seconds to capture the attention of your visitors. Fill that time with content, not delays

Your store is guranteed to be faster on Sonassi

Speed 8 Seconds

Guaranteed Speed

We believe we can make every Ecommerce store faster. Our performance audits involve a deep-dive into your code to find each area that can be optimised and deliver meaningful, real-world results.  If we can't find a way to make your store faster, you don't pay for the audit


eCommerce demands fluctuate wildly and your store has to react instantly. Sonassi is a specific platform for eCommerce using microservice architecture - not a generic AWS 'cloud platform'.  There are no waiting times, no virtual machines to boot or elastic load balancers to create

Performance audits with guaranteed wins

optimum is standard

Free with store support

£250 for platform customers

Our store scoping service involves a run-through of your site's key pages to identify any of the common bottlenecks that are responsible for slow content delivery

Our development team will determine if bottlenecks are due to code-level issues, content or module problems, or server-side setup and configuration

Free with store support

A frontend performance audit involves a thorough review of all the key pages on your site.  As part of the audit, the team will determine the best methods to deploy changes that will deliver the most increases in speed across the site, with a strong focus on reducing the time is takes for pages to load and content to be generated.

Following our audit report, you will receive a proposal that outlines exactly where the bottlenecks are, along with proposed remediation works to remedy them.

Customised deep-dive

A highly detailed and intensive forensic investigation into your store code.  This will include all areas that you define as being within the scope of the project.

We’ll work closely with your team on a dedicated Slack channel throughout the investigation in order to request authorisation for continued exploration of any identified bottlenecks.  You choose exactly how far we go. We will not burn time - if there is a more efficient solution, our team will outline those recommendations first.

Performance by Design

Sonassi was built from the ground-up to cater for eCommerce stores.  Research continues to show that time is a limiting factor for most consumers.  Your store needs to be available, it needs to be snappy, and it needs to give users what they're looking for.

Everything we do is engineered for what matters most to eCommerce store owners - converting visitors to orders

High Availability

High availability as Standard

How many orders does an offline store take?  Stay online, all the time. Sonassi can tolerate hardware failure without data loss or downtime.

Integrated Global CDN

A dynamic and global delivery network

More than static CDN! Use Sonassi Edge and instantly deploy your store across multiple continents so even international customers have a local experience.

Advanced Magento Feature Support

Advanced Magento caching support

Sonassi is installed and pre-configured for all advanced Magento functionality, quickly and easily deploy SOLR, Redis, Varnish, Memcache and Sphinx

Powerful Reporting and Monitoring

Powerful forensic tools for core reporting

At the core of Sonassi is its centralised monitoring, alerting and reporting facilities; easily digest valuable data and make informed decisions

What's the delay?

Sonassi provides a review of the performance gains after every migration. Let's supercharge your store