Secure your store with a guarantee

The only eCommerce platform certified to provide up to £50,000 insurance against a store compromise



Security Design

Architected to be the most secure, custom-built hosting platform for eCommerce websites. Multi-layered security, 2FA, IDS/IPS, site scanning, vulnerability checks, VPN access, AES encryption and more...

Sonassi is a fortress for your store


Security Identify

Tailored specifically to capture the latest Magento exploits, there is no better Threat Intelligence solution. Identify the latest malware threats and security exploits using our store scanning tools

You cannot fight what you cannot see


Security Eliminate

Prevent attacks on your store by implementing uniquely-tailored security profiles on our web application firewall, or add multiple barriers of protection to prevent any site breaches through our enhanced WAF solution

Prevention is better than cure

Secure By Design and purpose-built for eCommerce

Sonassi is built and maintained by Magento store developers, networking geniuses, and infrastructure experts with intricate knowledge of their respective part of the overall solution.

There is no comparable solution in the world.  Fact.

Security by Design
Security with a Guarantee

Security with Guarantees

Following best practice and doing the right thing deserves protection against incidents that could not have been avoided, which is why our Gold Standard for security comes with a £50,000 warranty against any unavoidable breaches

Choose our Alert Notification service to resolve vulnerabilities yourself or with an agency, or take our fully managed security service for threat elimination and remediation

Security through Omnipotence

The more common the platform is, the more likely it will be a target for hackers.  This increases the risk of security breaches.

Being truly secure requires multiple layers of protection, specificity within the design, and a deep understanding of the methods being used.

Fully managed store support from Sonassi makes it our responsibility to identify any vulnerabilities and secure your store.


Magento 1 is EOL

We can still cover you. In Full.

Address your risk register

Magento 1 going end-of-life increases the business-risk of a security breach. A Full, rather than 'Lite' PCI investigation will be performed in the event of a breach.  These investigations are more expensive, and more thorough as a result

Following security best practice minimises the likelihood of a breach of any software and we are still able to provide the £50,000 warranty in the event of a breach for any client following best practice

Let us secure your future

Pick an additional store security plan for notification or fully managed remediation