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Displayed in your Magento admin, under Catalogue > Manage Products. Including all product types, whether enabled or disabled



Displayed in your Magento admin, under System > Manage Stores - it is not the number of visitors to your store



Displayed in your Magento admin, under Dashboard, selecting Last 24 Hours on the graph and viewing the quantity displayed


If using Google Analytics, this is the value displayed as daily sessions

How can we help?

Everyone gets the platform support by default, can't do it? We're here. If you'd like a little more we can also help you with your Magento store too.

How secure can we go?

Sonassi is secure by default. The platform and network are locked down tight to keep things safe. For extra peace of mind, we also have extra levels of cover that automatically scan your store for risks.

first time? don't be shy

If you're new to Sonassi then give us a call. We'll help guide you through the options for your store and cover off any questions you may have around our platform or service