Overflow Servers
Expand your stack for short or long term high traffic campaigns
  • Rapid provisioning
    Rapid provisioning
    Within 60 seconds
  • Flexible Availability
    Flexible Availability
    Add an overflow for as little as 1 day
  • Cost Effective
    Cost Effective
    Only £45/day per server
  • High Capacity
    High Capacity
    555 concurrent visitors per server
    (~12k Visitors/day)
  • Simple
    Add an overflow at a click of a button

  • How many overflows can I add?
    As many as you want. Although there's a practical limit as to how many overflows should be added to your stack - contact our team for guidance.
  • Do I need to change my store to use overflow servers?
    No. MageStack is built to scale horizontally, so new servers can be added to your stack without changing the way you work on your store.
  • What hardware specification is an overflow server?
    Powerful! Each dedicated overflow server adds an additional 32-Cores@3.3GHz with 64GB RAM to your stack

Sample Configurations

You can choose as many overflows as you want, here's a few examples
    • 1 Overflow
    • 555 Concurrent Visitors
    • 12k Sustained Visitors/day
    • 4.8k Peak Visitors/hour
    • 6 Overflows
    • 3,330 Concurrent Visitors
    • 72k Sustained Visitors/day
    • 29k Peak Visitors/hour
    • 12 Overflows
    • 6,660 Concurrent Visitors
    • 144k Sustained Visitors/day
    • 58k Peak Visitors/hour

Real Configurations

See how overflows perform in real life campaigns
  • Single high traffic campaign
    Overflow servers were added to support a planned high traffic flash sale, featured on national television, national newspapers and social media.

    The customer's stack of 2x 40-Core servers was increased for a single day by 12x 32-Core overflow servers, to provide instant additional capacity to cope with the extremely high traffic volumes.
  • Frequent high traffic campaigns
    A special promotion, run bi-monthly with a limited number of units draws a massive number of visitors from the brand's huge Instagram following.

    Where fixed resources would have a large permanent increase in costs, overflow servers are perfect allowing huge scaling for just a couple of days per month at a low cost.