Installing NodeJS

Table of ContentsInstallation Installing NodeJS Removing a NodeJS version Removing NVMMageStack natively supports NodeJS and provides an installer for Node Version Manager (NVM) to enable you to easily install and switch between NodeJS versions. ! The following should be run as the www-data user Installation Installation is as simple as running the script: /microcloud/scripts_ro/ => … Continue reading

Installing Ruby + Compass SASS compiler

Table of ContentsInstalling RVM ResourcesMageStack comes with an auto installer for RVM, which will get you most of the way towards installing Ruby based tools. Ruby Version Manager (RVM) allows you to easily install and switch between multiple versions of Ruby. Installing RVM As root, execute the following, apt-get install bzip2 After the installation … Continue reading

Installing Composer

Table of ContentsInstallationMageStack natively supports Composer, you can install and run composer in the conventional way for Linux for a global installation. Installation Composer is installed globally using the default installation method. cd /home/www-data curl -sS | php chmod +x composer.phar If you want to make the binary available to all users, you should … Continue reading

Implementing New Relic

Table of ContentsCaveat emptorNew Relic can be an excellent diagnosis tool on development stores and non-production environments. It is natively supported by MageStack and can be enabled by a member of our support team. In order for us to enable New Relic, we simply need two pieces of information from you; the license key and … Continue reading

Configuring 3rd party remote backups

Table of ContentsInstallation steps On your acc server On your destination serverSonassi offer a cost-effective remote backup service which should be utilised to ensure fast backup and restoration. However, in addition to this, it is wise to maintain your own backups of your server (you are ultimately responsible for your data). The instructions below detail … Continue reading

Cloning Magento website (for staging/dev/uat)

Table of ContentsHooks Examples Full clone Dry run only Files only (no database) Files only (no media)MageStack has a built in feature to be able to clone an existing Magento installation with ease. This can be really useful if you need to create a staging/development site cloned from the latest copy of the LIVE site … Continue reading

Installing n98-magerun

Table of ContentsRunning in a Wrapper InstallationMageStack natively supports n98-magerun and comes with a built in installer for the tool, so that you can easily and quickly start administering your Magento store by command line. Running in a Wrapper As with all tools run by command line, they need to be run in a wrapper … Continue reading