Implementing Elasticsearch

Table of ContentsDefault configuration settingsThere is native support for Elasticsearch on MageStack. Default configuration settings The configuration settings for Magento are as follows Host: search1.i Port: 9200

Embedded variables

Table of ContentsVariables Environment Magento Specific MageStack Environment Caching Access & Security ContentMageStack features a number of built in Nginx variables to control different behaviours, be it caching, security settings and much more. Some options can be changed to adjust … Continue reading

Implementing cron for Magento 2

Table of ContentsSetting up the crontab ExamplesUsing the enhanced wrapper Magento 2 does not come supplied with a wrapper, and the default Magento cron documentation has some limitations, as it doesn't support email alerts or logging; and there … Continue reading

Implementing Varnish on Magento 2

Table of ContentsStore Configuration Nginx Configuration Dynamic Content Semi-Static Content Static ContentMagento 2 comes with native Varnish support, so it is not necessary to install any supporting dependencies like on Magento 1. You just need to add the respective configuration … Continue reading

Implementing Redis on Magento 2

Table of ContentsCache and full page cache storage Magento 2 versions lower than 2.3.4 Magento 2.3.5+ and greater: Session storageMagento 2 comes with native Redis support, so it is not necessary to install any supporting dependencies like on Magento 1. … Continue reading

Magento 1 End of Life? Not any time soon!

Table of ContentsMagento Imagine announces Magento 2 How important are Magento security updates? Running a Magento 1 store past November 2018 Enough enough. What does this mean for Magento 1 Further readingWe've been fielding many phone calls from merchants and … Continue reading

Patching SUPEE-9767

Table of ContentsWhere to download Dependencies Applying the patch Known issues Registration on Checkout failure Form KeysSUPEE-9767 is an important security update for Magento to address remote code execution and SQL injection vulnerabilities. Magento received reports that customer registration after … Continue reading