Embedded variables

MageStack features a number of built in Nginx variables to control different behaviours, be it caching, security settings and much more. Some options can be changed to adjust response headers or request processing whilst others are read only.



Nginx Variable Read Only Possible Values
my_http No http, https
my_ssl No on, off
my_geoip_asn Yes Read more
my_geoip_country_code Yes Read more
my_geoip_country_name Yes Read more
my_geoip_city_country_name Yes Read more
my_geoip_region Yes Read more
my_geoip_city Yes Read more
my_geoip_postal_code Yes Read more
my_geoip_city_continent_code Yes Read more
my_geoip_latitude Yes Read more
my_geoip_longitude Yes Read more

Magento Specific

Nginx Variable Read Only Possible Values
my_mage_is_developer_mode No true
my_mage_mode No Read more

MageStack Environment

Nginx Variable Read Only Possible Values
magestack_debug No true,false
magestack_debug_header No Any string value
magestack_whitelist_debug No true, false
maintenance No Read more


Nginx Variable Read Only Possible Values
magestack_cacheable No Read more
magestack_cache_lifetime No Read more

Access & Security

Nginx Variable Read Only Possible Values
magestack_api_limit No Read more
magestack_custom_limit No Read more
magestack_protect_downloader No Read more
magestack_protect_admin No Read more
magestack_protect_api No Read more
magestack_protect_rss No Read more
magestack_is_admin No Read more
magestack_block_bad_bots No Read more
magestack_bot_type No Read more
magestack_botprotect_disabled No Read more
magestack_x_frame_options No Read more
magestack_x_xss_protection No Read more
magestack_x_content_type_options No Read more
magestack_content_security_policy No Read more
magestack_content_security_policy_report_only No Read more
magestack_x_permitted_cross_domain_policies No
magestack_referrer_policy No Read more
magestack_feature_policy No Read more
magestack_permissions_policy No Read more
magestack_access_control_allow_origin No (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/CORS)
magestack_access_control_allow_credentials No (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/Access-Control-Allow-Credentials)
magestack_access_control_allow_headers No (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/CORS)


Nginx Variable Read Only Possible Values
magestack_last_modified No Read more
magestack_cookie_string No Read more
magestack_clear_cookies No true, false
magestack_vary_user_agent No Read more