Benchmarking your Magento store

We get asked this quite a lot by normal store owners who want to see how good their host really is. However, our Magento Benchmark service is only really aimed at web hosts themselves. So to answer a popular question (albeit briefly): There isn’t a standardised test – as there is a myriad of different testing procedures. ApacheBench / Siege Will test PHP performance and PHP processing concurrency only (results are skewed by caching) GTMetrix Will test the overall page load time for 1 user (however, the template weight/complexity has a bigger effect on this than server performance) Pingdom FPT Much the same as GTMetrix (the results for this are even more skewed though, as it downloads ALL content in the CSS files too – not indicative of real-world load) Apache jMeter Will test PHP performance, concurrency, static content delivery, template performance and can replicate real-world browsing habits of customers; … Continue reading

Quickly associate images to your Magento products without using dataflow

Dataflow is great and does allow the association of multiple images natively, but upon wanting to add around 2,500 product images to a catalogue in Magento – we noticed that they have broke the core support in dataflow for this, great! So instead, we just knocked up a quick script which would associate images to products; the name name has to match the product SKU (with the exception of the file extension). It first copies the images from your media/import directory to the proper Magento structure, eg. For an image named sonassi.jpg ./media/catalog/product/s/o/sonassi.jpg If the directory doesn’t exist, it will create it on the fly. Then once the images are in place, it will check to see what images are to be added – then check each product to see if any images are already set, and skip those images if already set. There is a few different types … Continue reading