Christmas opening hours

So, its that time of year again and time for us to close the office over the holiday season! It has been a great 2010 and we thank ALL of our customers for making it what it was! Christmas opening hours We will be closed between 24th December 2010 until 5th January 2011. Do you still offer support? Yes. Any tickets sent in via theclientarea with an “Emergency” status will be processed within the 1hr response window as normal.

Automatically change the VAT rate on 4th January

Unless you are lucky enough to have a development agency that is willing to make changes to your store just after New Years Day, you might benefit from running this little script. With the proposed change to 20% on January 4th 2011, you can automate the rate change in your Magento installation. You’ll need to set a few variables, then set-up a cron to run the job. We made the script standalone as a not all people have set up their Magento crons. First, go to “Admin > Sales > Tax > Manage Tax Zones & Rates”, then select your UK VAT rate. Then look in the URL at the top to identify the ID of the rule, Then, create the file below (wherever you want), and set magento, tax_rule and admin_email with your own details. You can check if the script will execute correctly by setting the is_test_run flag … Continue reading