Implementing CDN

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Sonassi provide a high performance CDN as standard with MageStack that you can take advantage of, with no additional cost. There's a few prerequisites to get set up where this article will walk you through the process.

Transferring DNS

For the Sonassi CDN to function, we need to have full control of the DNS for your domain. If your domain is already set up with Sonassi, you can skip this step.

  1. Verify your nameservers here by entering your domain name under "hostname" and clicking NS.

    • If you see target:, your DNS is already with Sonassi
    • If you do not see the Sonassi nameservers, then you need to begin the process of transferring your DNS
  2. Log in to and select Domains. Enter your domain name and click "Add Domain"

  3. You need to now log in to your current DNS provider to obtain a full copy of the DNS records for your domain, so that you can copy and re-enter the entries in the Sonassi DNS zone for your domain.

    Take care and ensure you fill in the fields to match exactly, then save the zone.

  4. Wait approximately 15 minutes for our Our DNS platform to synchronise the changes and add your domain, then verify they are correct using the earlier tool (this time selecting Sonassi (Authorative Only) as the resolver).

  5. Once you have verified your DNS, change your nameservers to Sonassi,

Enable CDN

  1. Log in to,select Domains, select your domain and select the CDN tab.

  2. Enable the CDN service by changing the status to on and saving the changes.

  3. Three new DNS records will automatically be created and a SSL certificate generated for each (this can take between 24-72 hours to complete).

  4. After waiting 24-72 hours, verify if the CDN is via on https by loading the URL in a web browser (eg. If after 3 days your SSL certificate has not been issued, please raise a support ticket so our team can investigate and help.

    If the page is loading, the final stage is to configure your application.

Configuring your application

Once the DNS has been configured and CDN service enabled, you can now set up your application to use the new CDN enabled service on