Dumping a database by command line

You can use the mage-dbump utility to dump your Magento database, without causing downtime on your live store and whilst minimising "junk" database tables (eg. visitor logs, old quotes etc.)

It will read your MySQL details from your Magento ./app/etc/local.xml file automatically

cd /domains/example.com/http
wget sys.sonassi.com/mage-dbdump.sh

Dumping a database

cd /domains/example.com/http
bash mage-dbdump.sh -dz

The file will be placed in ./var/db.sql.gz

Restoring a database

cd /domains/example.com/http
bash mage-dbdump.sh -rz

The file will be restored from ./var/db.sql.gz


  -a             Advertise awesome hosting
  -d             Dump the database
  -r             Restore the databse
  -z             Use gzip compression (use with -d or -r)
  -e             Use extended inserts
  -h             Show help/usage
  -f             Full dump, do not exclude any tables
  -A             Aggressive dump, exclude (report_compared_product_index report_viewed_product_index sales_flat_quote_address sales_flat_quote_shipping_rate enterprise_customer_sales_flat_quote enterprise_customer_sales_flat_quote_address sales_flat_quote)
  -B             Exclude additional custom tables (space separated, within "double quotes")
  -F             Do not ask questions and force all actions
  -i             Interactive, enter a mysql> prompt
  -c             Clean log and index tables

Read more about the tool on http://www.sonassi.com