Further testing with Zend Server

We have been experimenting with Zend Server over the past few days, trialling its performance and suitability for a replacement of mod_php on our servers. So far the results have been promising and it could be a system-wide roll out within coming weeks. We have been testing several software combinations and are finding our custom build of ZS we compiled is getting better results than standard ZS. Our best performing setup is operating under the core of ZS with all almost all Zend Server functionality disabled (Zend Optimiser+, Zend Data Cache) and running a modified version of Eaccelerator. This is yielding much better results than ZS’s default configuration – which highlights the question – have Zend really achieved anything with Data Cache or Optimiser+ if a third party extension performs better (Ref. early thoughts on Magento and Zend Server) My intention is to follow up on this article with actual … Continue reading

ZendServer and Magento

I had awaited the Zend Server webinar on Magento performance for a good few weeks and could honestly say that the geek in me was looking forward to it. After reading an interesting article by Philippe Humeau, NBS System – my interested was peaked by the promise of better performance using ZendServer. The two flavours available are ZendServer CE – the freely available community edition and ZendServer – the licence only enterprise edition. So Thursday evening was started by the project leader of Magento who was joined by several staff from Zend, who over the next hour would reveal their performance to the world. Initial thoughts from the publication drafted by Humeau would convince anyone to drop their mod_PHP build and instantly adopt ZendServer, but the presentation started to make me think otherwise. What is ZendServer then ZendServer is a direct replacement for your mod_PHP Apache module, easily installed using … Continue reading