Munin Graph Update Frequency

Table of ContentsReal-Time StatisticsThe integrated graphing facility in MageStack uses an excellent utility called Munin (see how to access Munin here). We measure and monitor every facet of the server and every application running, so that we can keep thorough, … Continue reading

Centralised logging with custom logs

Table of ContentsFile Read UDP Stream FormatYou may have some applications that you wish to be centrally logged (along with the MageStack core applications). You can send any type of file/stream to your central logging server using two methods. Be … Continue reading

Stack Services Administration with Monit

You can view service statuses; stop, start and restart services across MageStack using the Monit management interface. Read more about Monit. You can access it via the following URL: ! You must be connected to the VPN to use … Continue reading

Log Administration with Kibana

Kibana is a web interface to the centralised logging server. From here you can review logs from all nodes within MageStack; filter information, find trends or export statistics. Kibana is installed and accessible at: ! You must be connected … Continue reading

Stack Utilisation Graphs with Munin

Graphs are plotted for all major system information and also for each application running on each node. You can see an overview of Nginx connections, RAM usage and much more through the Munin graphs. The graphs are rendered and accessible … Continue reading

Hostnames and DNS

We have many universal DNS shortcut records set up for access, they are as follows: dh1 dh2 dh3 … Continue reading