Magento WordPress Deluxe extension

Accept no imitations – the original and best Magento WordPress integration – that allows you to use all WordPress plugins with the power of the Magento templating engine. The extension is compatible with Magento Enterprise, Magento Professional and Magento Community Edition. Unlike other extensions which try to replicate WordPress functions in Magento, that limit what you can do – this extension allows you to use any standard WordPress function, anywhere on your site – allowing for maximum customisation with the most minimal amount of effort. No other extension allows you to use WordPress functions in Magento or Magento shortcodes in WordPress like WordPress Deluxe can. Demo You can preview the frontend and backend of the extension here, URL: Features Lifetime FREE updates for all versions of Magento Install WordPress in the same database as Magento or different Integrate an existing WordPress blog and keep the same URL’s. Your SEO … Continue reading


Sonassi was called upon to revitalise the current image for Apart4u with not old a new design, but also with a big upgrade in terms of product delivery. After launch Apart4u proved to be a huge success over its previous cart system, with sales doubling almost instantly and a continued growth of over 30% per month to date. We also pioneered the integration of Magento’s product catalogue with YouTube videos and the raw power of WordPress. Apart4u stands to be a great technical achievement integrating many web services to deliver an outstanding content rich platform

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Maybe you would be interested in a better way to integrate Magento and WordPress if you are having difficulties with the below. If you are using Lazzymonks WordPress integration extension for Magento and experience the following error, here is the resolve. Fatal error: Call to a member function children() on a non-object in app/code/community/Mage/Blog/Model/Layouts.php There is a couple of fixes to make this work (properly) on Edit app/design/frontend/default/default/template/blog/menu.phtml Change from <?php if(!Mage::getStoreConfig(‘blog/blogmenu/loginmenuview’)) : ?> <div class="box base-mini mini-blog"> To <?php if(!Mage::getStoreConfig(‘blog/blogmenu/loginmenuview’) && strpos($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], "/blog/") !== false) : ?> <div class="box base-mini mini-blog"> Edit app/code/community/Mage/Blog/Model/Layouts.php Change from foreach (Mage::getConfig()->getNode($xmlPath)->children() as $layoutConfig) { $this->_options[] = array( ‘value’=>(string)$layoutConfig->template, ‘label’=>(string)$layoutConfig->label ); } To foreach (Mage::getConfig()->getNode($xmlPath)->global->page->layouts->children() as $layoutConfig) { $this->_options[] = array( ‘value’=>(string)$layoutConfig->template, ‘label’=>(string)$layoutConfig->label ); } Also, if you get a blank page or “Access denied” – log in as Admin, this happens on a few modules where the auth isn’t “quite” right. From: … Continue reading