Magento Enterprise Theme Fallback

If you are adopting a minimal-is-best approach to templating your Magento Enterprise store (ie. local.xml method), you’ll soon run into some odd behaviour with the theme fallback. Typically, a Magento store will try to load a file in the following order ./app/design/frontend/custom_package/custom_theme ./app/design/frontend/custom_package/default ./app/design/frontend/base/default However, if you are using Magento Enterprise and which to use the default Enterprise theme as a basis to serve your new theme, you need to alter the fallback method to support checking the Enterprise theme too. It should really be like this by default, as otherwise it would involve copying and pasting of many files simply to achieve the same output. So rather on Enterprise, it would be preferred to do the following, ./app/design/frontend/custom_package/custom_theme ./app/design/frontend/custom_package/default ./app/design/frontend/enterprise/default ./app/design/frontend/base/default We’ve submitted an official bug report to the Magento EE team, but in the mean time, feel free to use this little extension to provide the additional level … Continue reading

Magento Checklist for Design Elements

We are starting a new Magento Enterprise project today and whilst populating some of the base items in the Basecamp project, I thought it might be of use to the community to list the basic minimum items we add to our templating/skinning check-list for a Magento website. Ignoring any project specific pages/customisations, the following list is the minimum pages we must skin/satisfy for a Magento project. It is also the list of designs that we ask clients/agencies to supply if they are supplying their own design for us to skin/build. So in no particular order … Magento design check-list Main Template Main template (header) Main template (top navigation) Main template (footer) Main template (footer navigation) Main template (favicon) Main template (1 col) Main template (2 col right) Main template (2 col left) Main template (3 col) Main template (notifications success/error/info) Sidebar Elements Sidebar – Poll (vote overview) Sidebar – Poll … Continue reading