Magento Version Security Update

As of Wednesday September 23, 2009, Varien have released a security update covering XSS vulnerabilities. We recommend all users upgrade to the latest version to protect their stores – but please remember to backup prior to an upgrade!. Backing up your store is extremely quick and easy, there are two methods, manually via Sonassi domain backup tool and SSH or using Magento’s built-in backup tool. We would recommend the manual option. Generating a manual Magento backup Step 1) Log into the client area, select “Disk” from the menu, and scroll to the lower portion of the page to select the domain you wish to backup    A visual guide can be found here Step 2) Log into your SSH account    A visual guide can be found here Step 3) Enter the following commands, modifying database, username, password and database_host with your own information. $# cd /backups/ $# database="DATABASE_NAME" $# … Continue reading