Fully Automated Magento Install Script

As we’re a popular Magento hosting and Magento development company, we find ourselves installing Magento quite a lot throughout the day. A few years ago we wrote an installation script, but rudely forgot to share it with the community. You can find it here http://sys.sonassi.com/mage-install.sh (full) OR http://s.onas.si/?installmage (shortened) The features • Using the script is really easy • Support for CE/EE • Supports installation with/without sample data • Chooses the correct sample data for the version of Magento you are using • Automatically re-indexes after installation • Automatically completes the full installer (with en_GB defaults) • Automatically creates an admin account • Supports CE 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6 EE 1.10/1.11 Using the installer for Community Edition   First log into your SSH account and execute, wget -O mage-install.sh http://sys.sonassi.com/mage-install.sh   Then execute the script, it takes a minimum of 5 arguments and 2 optional arguments. Required arguments 1. DB Host 2. DB … Continue reading