Why shouldn’t I use Nginx for Magento

We are going to give you a loose analogy – a (Magento) fast-food restaurant. The cast The customer (at the drive-through), is the customer on your web store. The till operator (who sits on a chair and hands you the bag of food through the window – Web Server) The chef (who cooks the meals – PHP) The su-chef (who prepares the ingredients for the meals – server subsystem) The Challenge The average meal takes 2 minutes to prepare, 12 minutes to cook and 5 seconds to hand to the customer. Now, lets take the perception of Apache (an overweight, unfit, slow window attendant), the kitchen takes 14 minutes to make the meal, hands it to him – then he passes it to you. He is only passing 1 bag, every 14 minutes, a pretty easy job. So lets improve performance We want the business to run faster – so … Continue reading