Our Magento Git Guide and Work Flow

Introduction We have long been advocates of using SVN – but times have changed and so has the style of the way we work – which is what makes Git such an appealing choice for us. So if you’re coming from SVN too, some things worth knowing are: Repositories are de-centralised – With SVN, you have 1 master repository in a central location and everything is checked in/out of this location; with Git, its different. Each copy of the project tree (ie. your working copy) has its own repository – the .git sub-directory of the project tree root. Revisions are no longer decimal numbers – With SVN, your revisions are numbered sequentially with an integer. Due to the distributed nature of Git, and its potential to scaling to hundreds of thousands of revisions, the revisions are identified by a SHA1 hash. You can still short-cut your way through the tree … Continue reading