Analysing DOS blocks by country

It can unfortunately be a common occurrence that certain countries are a source of DOS attacks or aggressive crawl bots. It is also possible that these countries do not form part of your target demographic, and as such, it isn't … Continue reading

Installing n98-magerun

Table of ContentsRunning in a Wrapper InstallationMageStack natively supports n98-magerun and comes with a built in installer for the tool, so that you can easily and quickly start administering your Magento store by command line. Running in a Wrapper As … Continue reading

Restoring a database backup

Table of ContentsCompression format Running the restore Magento 1There is a number of ways to import a database backup, but we've found the quickest method is to decompress the two files and import using Compression format The backups are … Continue reading

Adding an FTP user

Table of ContentsExamples Read only user Write user Change a users passwordAdding a FTP user is performed via SSH. Log into your acc server and switch user to root su -l root /microcloud/scripts_ro/ -h There are a number of options … Continue reading

Purging the Redis cache via CLI

Table of ContentsDefault instances To flush all databases To flush a single databaseUsing telnet, you can execute remote commands on the Redis daemon; being able to flush database by command line can be essential if your Magento access is somehow … Continue reading

Implementing Redis on Magento 1

Table of ContentsSetting up garbage collectionWe recommend using the Colin Mollenhour Redis session and Redis cache extensions. These extensions typically use Modman for deployment, but here we document a simple process to install without Modman. We'll assume Magento is already … Continue reading

Directory structure

Table of Contents/microcloud/backups_ro /microcloud/logs_ro /microcloud/domainsOnce logged in via SSH/SCP/FTP, you will soon familiarise yourself with the directory hierarchy. /microcloud/backups_ro |-mysql |---monthly |---weekly |---daily |-lost+found |-domains |---latest |---2013-05-05 |---2013-05-06 |---2013-05-07 This directory is read-only and contains your domain backups and database … Continue reading

Hostnames and DNS

We have many universal DNS shortcut records set up for access, they are as follows: dh1 dh2 dh3 … Continue reading