Magento has been released!

Changes Added configuration to control redirection of customer after login to current page or account dashboard (default) Added events for before/after product validate Added method validate to Mage_Core_Model_Abstract Added validate before save on Catalog Category API Made urlrewrites controller load layout after initializing registry. Fixed wrong helper calls. Implemented modifiers for Email Template Filter var Directive Added ability specify frontend_class for add attribute method Removed “validate-postcode” javascript implementation Added an ability to specify section redirect & update on onepage checkout order place error Made order save call before email send for protect situation when email send but order not saved Made parent before save call in order shipment model Added ‘adminhtml_catalog_product_edit_tab_attributes_create_html_before’ event to have an ability to disallow display of ‘create attribute’ button on product edit pages Added ‘adminhtml_catalog_product_attribute_set_main_html_before’ and ‘adminhtml_catalog_product_attribute_set_toolbar_main_html_before’ events to have an ability to modify attribute set management blocks, added read-only mode on attribute set edit page … Continue reading