Make your team complete

The Sonassi team that service and support your store should meet your requirements in the same way that the platform does - the right set of skills, whenever you need it

Pick a support tier that works for you

Store Support
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We provide platform support for everyone.  That includes platform incident response, autoscaling optimisation, the network stability and speed, backup management, and platform security.  We don’t touch your store.

Store support is available from our accredited developers.  This ranges from routine patch management through to full store support.

If there is a problem, we can solve it

tiered and Tailored

Personalise the experience

Our service team comprises certified developers and service professionals.  We set ourselves a very high bar for the recruitment, training, and development of our staff as we recognise that our service can only ever be as good as those that deliver it

We are happy to customise your service definitions to tailor the agreement you have with us and build a bespoke service model that works for you.  Nothing is set in stone – we are a partner of your business and an extension of your team, not merely a technology supplier

Included for all stores

Platform support means that we proactively monitor your platform, stack, and its environment.  The environment includes the network connectivity, the microservices within the platform, and the automated backups.  Any security add-ons are also included.  If there is a problem we will remedy the issue autonomously

Fully managed platform support

99.95% uptime,  24/7 emergency support with custom response times, SMS and e-mail notifications

Resource monitoring

CPU, memory, disk and network activity kept in balance with autoscaling and platform self-healing

Your store, our platform

Choose platform only support

Tailored pricing

With Store Lite our service teams will provide proactive store updates, handle the store monitoring to respond to any incidents on the store, and support the primary needs of your store on a day to day basis.  The security packages include proactive store scanning, inclusive of alerting and notification of any vulnerabilities

Certified Devs

Our accredited developers can help you with all the day to day running of your store

Store Updates

Routine store updates and releases, tested and verified before applying to live

Store monitoring

Key pages monitored so that we are instantly alerted to issues and can remedy, 24/7

Store Scanning

Active scanning and vulnerability notification to stay protected

A helping hand

Go for lite support

Tailored pricing

With Store Full we merge a team with yours for one-on-one support. You'll have a dedicated Slack channel for any questions, a fully managed security monitor and quarterly store performance reports to help you maintain the best speed possible.

Certified Devs

Direct access to the development team to discuss service requests and consult around store coding

Dedicated Slack

A dedicated, fully audited slack channel with the service team to engage in discussion around all service matters

Store Audits

Quarterly performance audits on your store code to stay optimised and deliver consistent performance

Managed Scans

Fully managed security scanning, vulnerability management and remediation based on traffic light protocols

A partnership to deliver success

E-commerce stores exist to take orders.  They need looking after.  Who looks after your store is up to you - we're here if you need us