Built for your business

The Sonassi platform was designed with high-value enterprise in mind.  All the necessary precautions and protocols are in place to prevent the most common forms of cyber attack

A fortress for your store

Security by Design

We protect, We detect, We respond

For your eyes only

Sonassi is secure by design.  It has been built from the ground-up to incorporate all the best security practices to reduce the risk of any security breach on your store

Our measures includes 2 factor authentication for the control panel, VPN-only access to your store, SSL encryption end to end for communication, full audit tracking and event logging on the stack, and no access to the hidden environment variables to the stack for any third parties.  There are no backdoors

Locked Down

The admin site is the main target for hackers

Admin, downloader, and API protection let you lock your store down so that only you can get near them

VPN Tunnels

Only complex passwords are permitted to be used.

Access is solely via AES256 hardware-accelerated encrypted VPNs.

Block attacks at the source

Attacks are inevitable, exploitation isn't. We provide you with all the tools to block hackers before they get near your store and proactively alert any model breaches

Our extensive store monitoring suite detects all access attempts to your store and logs breaches of our standard compliance model.  We will proactively close down any connections that breach any of our standard compliant models

Three layers of firewall

Our network has 3 layers of security

Hardware firewalls, intrusion detection devices and web application firewalls for maximum filtering and protection


DOS Filter and WAF

In-line DDoS filter from Arbor

Filtering attacks at the network edge, before hitting the store, gives capacity to real visitors


Total isolation

Microservice architecture in the stack

A containerised design offers security via isolation of each service component required for your store

You can't fight what you can't see

Powered by true machine learning and artificial intelligence, our enterprise network analysis and detection tools detect the latest attack vectors on a realtime basis.

Autonomously developing models of known behaviour based on a global database of hacking trends, there is no other platform that has an in-line security solution that provides 24/7 enterprise security protection for your online store.

Audit Logging

Forensic analysis through extensive audit logging and long-term retention

Admins can view all file changes, last user logins, currently issued VPN bundles and SSH keys


Be notified of all changes to your account directly to your inbox

Rapid notification and remediation prevents widespread security breaches

Archived log storage

Industry recommendations for cold storage events are up to 365 days

Where compliance dictates it, we can keep all event and audit logs indefinitely

Want zero distractions?  Managed security 24/7 from trained analysts

Our 24/7 Security Operations Centre is staffed by security analysts that identify, analyse, and protect your store from all the known exploits.

Security is not a part time profession.  If you don't have an in-house team, we have a fully-managed solution available.


Hand over the keys...

From inception, Sonassi was designed for eCommerce.  Specificity is key for security