Security so good,

it's guaranteed

Our managed security packages come with the highest level of financial guarantee as an acknowledgement of you adopting a gold standard for proactive security measures

Security with a Guarantee

£50,000 Warranty

Following best practice provides financial insurance against zero-day attacks.

Diligence has its rewards.

Active Scanning

Your database, store code and front end store scanned all day, every day.

Scan it, catch it, kill it.

100% Transparency

Full visibility over attacks blocked, threats found, and all system changes.

You see what we see.

If your name's not down...

... you're not coming in

Threat Identification and Notification

We actively scan your site using complex algorithms built up from thousands of eCommerce-specific attacks.  The scanner detects card skimmers, admin password loggers, and erroneous data entries.  If anything is found we alert you immediately for you to take the necessary preventative action

Stay alert, control the virus...


Fully managed security response

A 24/7 SOC is available to respond to identified attack vectors and take remediation activity in-line with industry-standard traffic light protocols.   Where pre-authorised to do so, we will isolate, eliminate, and remediate any hack attempts to protect your data and prevent an expensive breach of security.

Catch it, bin it, kill it

Eliminate Threats

Pick an emergency service

If there is a security breach, it needs fixing - and quickly.  Our SOC is open all hours