For each store action, a Sonassi reaction

You are already behind if your store is on AWS or any other 'cloud' platform.  Your store must be faster.  It needs to scale instantly

It needs to be RightSized on Sonassi


Costs controlled

A store that scales doesn't always generate more orders, but it will generate more cost

Until now

Our unique proposal for Sonassi Price Assurance means all the scale without any of the cost

The right resources

Autoscaling on Sonassi isn't like any other platform

Sonassi developed the very first autoscaling solution for eCommerce stores.  Using microservice architecture, the Sonassi platform is built to instantly react to jumps in store visitor traffic and increased orders from flash promotions.  Get your store RightSized


Scaling solutions that make cents

Our rationale is that busier stores don't always translate to more orders and more revenue.  You shouldn't be penalised for marketing activity that yields promotion, but no growth.  Taking risks and being brave should be supported

Conversely there is always uncertainty.  Signing up to pre-paid schemes doesn't work for a lot of businesses.  We provide a full refund for the difference between what your store has used and what you paid for, which can be requested at any time  

More than a platform provider - we're your business partner

Scaling Solutions that Make Cents

Sonassi Price Assurance Plans

Sonassi price assurance gives you complete peace of mind over your costs throughout the year.

For the first 12 months with Sonassi, you will not be charged any extra for autoscaling or additional bandwidth.

After 12 months, we offer a fixed price to autoscale over the next year. If you go above, you'll not pay any more...

...if you use less, you will receive a refund. There is no fairer way to control your costs while your store grows.

Focus on store sales, not store scale


For the first 12 months of your time with Sonassi, your store will only cost you for its BASELINE usage.  No burst usage for bandwidth or autoscaling resources will be charged.  You will see each month what the burst usage and autoscaling resource was, but there will be no fee.


When you move to Sonassi you get all the benefits of auto-scaling and burst bandwidth on us.  No charge.  It’s a thank you for placing your trust in us.


At the end of the first 12 months, your service manager will look back at the periods where you had burst usage and put in place a “Price Assurance Plan” (PAP) for the next 12 months, which aims to cater for HALF your burst capacity, based on what it was last year.


This PAP is a fixed amount, included in the monthly bill, to avoid any sudden surprises throughout the year.  Each month our system compares your actual usage costs with your PAP so you can see how much you’re saving with the PAP.

Focus on Store Sales

For a solution that fits, we need your measurements...

To get the most accurate cost for your store's resources, provide us with a few quick details and our team will do the rest