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Fully managed, fully cared for
[banner-content] Support that wraps both server and store We proactively respond and address symptoms before your customers even know there's an issue [/banner-content] [/main-banner] [page-banner class="light-banner"]Choose intensive support and we'll proactively monitor your server & store[/page-banner] [page-section] [item-list type="icon"] [li-item icon="tick" title="99.95%"]Uptime SLA[/li-item] [li-item icon="doublearrow" title="4 hour"]Hardware replacement[/li-item] [li-item icon="clock" title="24/7"]Emergency support[/li-item] [li-item icon="stopwatch" title="1 hour"]Response time[/li-item] [li-item icon="code" title="OS updates"]Security and features[/li-item] [li-item icon="email" title="SMS & Email"]Monitoring[/li-item] [/item-list] [/page-section]

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Download Support SLA [/page-section] [page-banner class="light-banner"]We take care of your servers and help with any code emergencies on your store[/page-banner]