Venia PWA Configuration

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Magento (Venia) PWA configuration

Change to your VHost directory, in this example we use that is part of the example domain-group:

cd /microcloud/domains/example/domains/

Clone the PWA studio git repo:

git clone pwa

Change to the pwa directory and run the install:

cd ___pwa
npm install

Copy the base .env and edit the MAGENTO_BACKEND_URL variable to point to your site:

cp packages/venia-concept/.env.dist packages/venia-concept/.env

Run the build and start the service:

! The PORT variable needs to be passed through, otherwise a random port will be chosen when the app is restarted. You should also ensure this is unique if you are hosting multiple PWA instances.

npm run build
PORT=3000 pm2 start --name=venia npm -- run start

Save the pm2 processlist so it's restored on restart:

pm2 save

Nginx/VHost configuration (Magento on different domain)

The below configuration should be implemented on the VHost that is hosting your frontend - not the VHost hosting Magento.

# Passthrough Requests to NodeJS
location ~* ^/ {
include sites-config/magestack-headers.conf;
proxy_pass https://acc1.i:3000;

After implementing the nginx rules, you should ensure you test and reload the nginx configuration.