Submitting a support ticket

Whenever you need help, whether it is an emergency or trivial question - you need to send in a ticket to our team. You can do this via our support website:

When you originally signed up, you would have been provided a username and password for this section. You can also add more users for other people within your company to submit support tickets.

! Do not send an email for support, email is for sales only and support requests will be ignored


In order for our team to prioritise support tickets correctly, any inbound ticket will enter “triage”. We will assess the urgency of the ticket and assign it for priority response, or de-prioritise the ticket to "urgent", “high”, “normal” or “low” as applicable.

  1. Low - response within 8 business hours
  2. Normal - response within 4 business hours
  3. High - response within 2 business hours
  4. Urgent - response within 1 busines hour
  5. Emergency - response within 1 hour (what is an emergency)

During office-hours - it should not be necessary to submit an Emergency support ticket unless the issue is absolutely critical.

Chargeable support / What is included

Some support may be classed as chargeable, read our definition of chargeable support.