Redis instances

By default, 4 instances of Redis run, to provide resilience and alternative storage methods. They are not set up to be highly available/replicated.

They each are configured with 16 databases and no authentication.

Host:   redis1.i
Port:   6379
Recommend Use: Sessions

Host:   redis21.i
Port:   6380
Recommend Use: N/A

Domain: redis11.i
Port:   6379
Recommend Use: Cache

Domain: redis31.i
Port:   6380
Recommend Use: FPC

Identifying Redis DBs in use

You can verify what Redis databases are currently being used by executing the following script,



Domain-Group  Domain                           Session          Cache             FPC
============  ======                           =======          =====             ===
example                      redis1.i:0       redis11.i:0       x