IP Address provisioning

Table of Contents

  1. Additional IPs

We provide a minimum of 6 IP addresses (/29), the reason for this is to facilitate a redundant gateway. Currently we utilise VRRP, which requires 3x IP addresses to be allocated to the routing device (out of your IP allocation).

In a 1 server configuration, the IPs are used as follows,

IP Usage
1 Primary gateway (virtual/floating redundant IP)
2 Physical server #1
3 Load balancer (used for SSL/non-SSL)
4 Unused/reserved for future use
5 Gateway 1 (management address)
6 Gateway 2 (management address)

You can utilise 2 of the 6 IPs we allocate to you, both IPs can be used for SSL purposes.

Additional IPs

We can also provision additional IP addresses for a small monthly charge per IP. However, in most circumstances, additional IPs are not required.

You can operate an infinite amount of non-SSL stores from a single IP address without issue.


With the use of of a SAN SSL certificate - you can have up to 255 completely different domain names operating from a single SSL certificate and thus a single IP. This significantly reduces IPv4 wastage and the need to manage multiple separate SSL certificates.

SAN certificates can also be edited at any point to include a new domain name, so they are also very flexible.

We offer a large range of very affordable SAN certificates, get in touch to find out more.