Internal IP addresses

You should never reference a node by IP address, as these are subject to change at any time. For your reference however, the following internal IPs are reserved. dh1.i dh2.i dh3.i dh4.i dh5.i dh6.i dh7.i
... dh20.i lb1.i memcached1.i redis1.i redis21.i lb2.i memcached2.i redis2.i redis22.i lb3.i memcached3.i redis3.i redis23.i lb4.i memcached4.i redis4.i redis24.i lb5.i memcached5.i redis5.i redis25.i db1.i memcached11.i redis11.i redis31.i solr1.i sphinx1.i db2.i memcached12.i redis12.i redis32.i solr2.i sphinx2.i db3.i memcached13.i redis13.i redis33.i solr3.i sphinx3.i db4.i memcached14.i redis14.i redis34.i solr4.i sphinx4.i db5.i memcached15.i redis15.i redis35.i solr5.i sphinx5.i acc1.i acc2.i acc3.i acc4.i acc5.i web1.i web2.i web3.i web4.i web5.i
... web20.i mail1.i mail2.i mail3.i mail4.i mail5.i monitor1.i monitor2.i monitor3.i monitor4.i monitor5.i nfs1.i nfs2.i nfs3.i nfs4.i nfs5.i pb1.i pb2.i pb3.i pb4.i pb5.i search1.i search2.i search3.i search4.i search5.i search6.i search7.i search8.i search9.i search10.i queue1.i queue2.i queue3.i queue4.i queue5.i queue6.i queue7.i queue8.i queue9.i queue10.i